• I’m going away on holiday next month.

(= I’m going away from home next month.)

  • I wanted to take a picture of a horse, but it ran away.

[= I wanted to take a picture of a horse but it ran away from me (person).]

  • We were trying to get away but the door was locked.

(= We were trying to escape)

  • I broke the vase in the living room, but I got away with it.

(= I broke the vase without being caught)

  • Keep away from my dog. It’s aggressive.

(= don’t go near my dog)

  • I don’t need this book anymore. I’ll give it away.

(= I don’t need this book anymore. I’ll give it to somebody else.)

  • When I finish my homework I put my books away.

(= I put my books it in the place where it is kept)

  • I ate the yogurt and threw the cup away.

(= I put it in the rubbish)


  • She’ll be back in two weeks.

(= She’ll come back home in two weeks)

  • Wait for me please. I’ll be back in a minute.

(= I’ll be back to a place in a minute)

  • I smiled at him and he smiled back.
  • She waved at me and I waved back.
  • Karl hit Mike and Mike hit back.

(= to reciprocate)

  • We’ll call you back in the evening.

(= We’ll return the phone call in the evening)

  • I sent father a message on Monday, but he got back to me on Sunday.

(= …but he replied to me by phone on Sunday.)

  • I used to lie in my bed and look back on my mistakes.

(= …and think about mistakes which happened in the past)

  • It’s fine.You don’t have to pay it back.


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