123 – English

Video Podcast Based English Language Development Series

An open collaborative development of listening, writing, speaking and reading skills based on video and audio podcasts.

Keep your English up-to-date with the help of these free English activities!

Difficulty: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate.


How you should use the activities provided on this site:


1- Watch video podcast

  • Read introductory questions.
  • Try to anticipate what will be presented in the provided video podcast.
  • Watch the video podcast.
  • Answer the Introductory questions.


2 – Answer the Introductory questions and the Listening comprehension questions

  • Scroll down and read the provided vocabulary.
  • Play the video podcast again to see if your understanding has improved.
  • Try answering the Introductory questions and the Listening comprehension questions provided after the video podcast.
  • Read the script provided for the video podcast to check that you understood everything in the video podcast and answered all questions correctly.
  • Watch the video podcast again to strengthen your understanding of the presented information.


3 – Learn and practice grammar

  • Read the provided grammar topic and perform exercises.
  • Follow the links to other selected grammar sites where you could interactively practice your new grammar skills.



All activities published on this site are prepared based on publicly available video podcasts allowing their sharing as embedded web objects and are provided free-of-charge.

Please, let us know if you find that some of this site’s content infringing your or your company’s copyrights. We will remove such content immediately.

These activities are not provided for a commercial purpose, but to help the site’s users to keep their language skills up-to-date.


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