• My mother put the picture up on the wall.
  • My apple fell on the floor. I picked it up and washed it.
  • Alice stood up and angrily walked out.
  • I can’t hear a word. Can you please turn the TV up a little bit?


  • I took the old photo down and put up a new one.

(= I took the old photo down from the wall and put up a new one on the wall)

  • Please stop writing and put your pens down.
  • I lay down to have a nap.
  • Turn the volume down please. It’s too loud.
  • My father cut down roses for my mother.
  • I was nearly knocked down by a car.
  • The trees in our yard were burnt down because of the thunderbolt.

(= …were destroyed by fire because…)

  • Can you please slow down? I’m scared.

(= Could you please go more slowly?)

  • Calm down or I’ll call the police.

(= Become calmer or I’ll call the police)

  • You should try cut down on fast food. You gained 3 kg in three days.

(= You should try to eat fast food less often)

  • My navigation broke down. That’s why I’m late.

(= My navigation stop working.)

  • There used to be a bank, but it shut down last year.

(= …but it stopped doing business…)

  • I trust you. Don’t let me down please.

(=…Don’t disappoint me please)

  • Mike applied for a new job, but he was turned down.

(= …but he was refused)

  • I always write the date of meeting down to not forget about it.

(= I always write the date of meeting on paper to not forget about it)



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