Part 2


When do we use on/off ?

  • verb+on
  • get on
  • verb+off


  • Shall we have a break or you want to play on?

(= continue playing)

  • We walked on down the road.
  • We can’t go on living like this. We need to make a change.

(= continue living)

  • I don’t want to carry on working in a pub.
  • Please go on with your practice.

(=continue doing)

  • I keep on making the same mistakes.

(= do it repeatedly)

  • How are you getting on with your studies?

(= progress)

  • Do you get on well with your brother?

(= relationship)

  • I must get on with diet.

(= continue doing something you have to do)

  • I hate chemistry. I doze off every lesson.

(= fall asleep)

  • I think I’ll finish off my painting tomorrow.

(= do the last part of something)

  • My alarm went off at 7 a.m.

(= ring)

  • A bomb went off at 9 p.m. in the city center.

(= explode)

  • I wanted to go on a concert but the price of the tickets put me off.

(= cause somebody not to want something or to do something)

  • Monika likes to show off.

(= try to impress somebody with your ability or knowledge)

  • My mother told my sister off for misbehaving.

(= speak angrily to somebody because they did something wrong)

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