Adjectives and adverbs

Part 2



  • Your Russian is good.

(good as an adjective)

  • You speak Russian well.

(well as an adverb)

Well is also used with past participles:

  • Selena Gomez is a well-known singer.
  • My brother is well-educated .


  • Katherine is a fast runner.


  • Katherine can run very fast.


  • Katherine is a hard worker.
  • Katherine works hard.

  • David was late.
  • David got up late.
  • Have you seen David lately? (=recently)


  • I was so nervous. I could hardly speak.

(=I spoke very little, almost not at all)

  • He worked hard to make money.

(=he worked a lot)

  • He didn’t have any money because he hardly worked at all.

(=he worked very little)


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