Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing


John has been working as a banker for a very long time. Every day he does the same things again and again. He doesn’t like his job anymore and wants to find something different.

John’s job is boring.

John is bored.


  • tells you how somebody feels


  • tells you about the thing you’re describing

  • I’m annoyed because my sister is annoying.

My sister is annoying, so she makes me annoyed.

  • Alice is bored because the film is boring.
  • The film is boring, so Alice is bored.

She is bored because the film is boring.

Compare these examples:

  • Andrew is interested in math. (not interesting in math)
  • Andrew thinks math is interesting.
  • I was surprised that he got the job.
  • It was surprising that he got the job.

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