In case


Study this example:

You are getting ready for a trip. You should take some food because you might get hungry.

You should take some food in case you get hungry.

(in case=because you might…)

I’ll leave the lights on in case you need to go to the bathroom.

You should take a map just in case we get lost.

(just in case=smaller possibility)


Do NOT use will after in case.


  • We’ll cook something in case Mark comes.

=Maybe he’ll come. We’ll cook something now, whether he comes or not; then we’ll already have something to eat if he comes.

  • We’ll cook something if Mark comes.

=Maybe Mark will come. If he comes, we’ll cook something; if he doesn’t we won’t cook anything.

I took a map in case I got lost.

(in case+past=why somebody did something)


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