Part 2



  • active

(to) eat/drink/play etc.

I will eat dinner later.

  • passive

(to) be+eaten/drunk/played etc.

The dinner will be eaten later.

Perfect infinitive

  • active

(to) have+eaten/drunk/played etc.

I should have eaten the dinner later.

  • passive

(to) have been+eaten/drunk/played etc.

The dinner should have been eaten later.

Present perfect

  • active

have/has+done etc.

This apple is gone. Somebody has eaten it.

  • passive

have/has been+done etc.

This apple has been eaten.

Past perfect

  • active

had+done etc.

This apple was gone. Somebody had eaten it.

  • passive

had been+done etc.

This apple had been eaten.

Present continuous

  • active


I am eating this apple at the moment.

  • passive

am/is/are+being (done)

This apple is being eaten at the moment.

Past continuous

  • active


I was eating this apple when my mom came.

  • passive

was/were+being (done)

This apple was being eaten when my mom came.


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