Had better (I’d better)


I’d better do something

It means, that if I don’t do something, there might be a problem or danger.

  • You’d better be careful next time.
  • I’d better go now, or I’ll be late.

I’d better not

Is negative.

  • You don’t look very well. You’d better not.go at school today.
  • You’d better not eat to much or you’ll get fat.


Even though had is normally past, in the meaning had better it is present or future.

Had better and should


  • I don’t feel well. I’d better go home.

In this sentence we talk about a specific situation, not things in general.

  • You’re always tired. You should go to bed earlier.

In this sentence we give an advice.

  • It’s a great song. You should listen to it.

There is no danger or problem if you don’t follow the advice. It’s just a recommendation.

  • I’d better be quiet or she will find me.

There might be a problem or a danger if she finds you (= if you don’t follow the advice).



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