Man’s Face Rebuilt With 3D Printer After Crash

Listening Comprehension Questions

Introductory questions

  1. What happened to Stephen?
  2. What was the doctors’ solution?
  3. Was the proposed solution successful?

Watch the video podcast and try answering these questions.

After that, click on the title of the post to open it in the full view and to do other relevant activities helping your listening comprehension.



The script is provided below the video podcast directly on the page of the news provider. It is also provided in the form of subtitles during the playback of the video podcast.


My goal in life is to survive. Everything else is just a bonus. The Lockhorns.


Listen to the video and answer the Listening Comprehension Questions below.

Listening comprehension questions

  1. What happened to Stephen?
  2. What was his injury?
  3. How did he try to hide his injury?
  4. What was the doctors’ solution?
  5. Was the proposed solution successful?

If it is difficult for you to answer these questions right away, read the following Vocabulary and listen to the video again to see if your listening comprehension has improved. Repeat as many times as you want.

At the end, please, read, and translate if necessary, the script provided on the broadcaster’s page.

Listen to the video one more time for final and full listening comprehension. Answer the Listening comprehension questions (Compare your answers with the Answers provided at the end of this post).



Survive To remain alive
Accident Crash
Skull The bones of the braincase and face
Surgeon A physician specializing in surgery
Implant To insert or embed (an object or a device) surgically, insert a tissue within a body
Lopsided face Heavier, larger, or higher on one side than on the other
Disguise my face To conceal or obscure by not false show
Scrubbed up and fired the printers To rub hard in order to clean and turn on
Exact interchangeable 3D pieces Three dimensional pieces that could be used on any one of the patient’s cheeks
Snap together perfectly Fit tightly together
Rebuild to natural shape Make look natural









1. What happened to Stephen?
Stephen had a motorcycle accident.

2. What was his injury?
His skull got crushed. After operation, his face became lopsided.

3. How did he try to hide his injury?
He tried hiding his injury by wearing glasses.

4. What was the doctors’ solution?
The doctors offered to rebuild Stephen’s face with the help of 3D printing technology. Using scans of Stephen’s skull, the team of surgeons first changed the skull’s shape on the computer and then printed implant plates. After that, the plates were implanted into Stephen’s skull to make his face look symmetrical and natural.

5. Was the proposed solution successful?

The proposed solution was successful. Stephen face looks symmetrical and natural, as a result.

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