How to Practice E-Mail Etiquette: Abbreviations & Acronyms in Business


Never use email acronyms in written Business communication because your goal is clarity of communication. Use acronyms only in personal written communication.

Read the rest of this post for more useful information about the most frequently used acronyms in informal communication.


Eight Essential Business English Email Acronyms and Abbreviations


FYI – for your information
BTW – by the way
Re: – regarding / with regard to / with reference to
CU – See you
IMO – in my opinion
TIA – thanks in advance
Thx – thanks
ASAP – as soon as possible



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ASAP – as soon as possible
RSVP – please reply
RIP – rest in peace
BYOB – bring your own beer / booze
BBQ – barbeque
PIN – Personal Identification Number
e.g. – for example (exempli gratia)
i.e. – That is (to say…) (id est)
etc. – and others (et cetera)
ATM – Automatic Teller Machine or cash dispenser


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